Community, Mentorship, and Support for Trans-Masculine Persons of Color

Trans-masculine Education & Resources for Persons in DC, MD, and VA.

About us

My Brother Too is 100% trans-led by transgender people of color. Our President/Executive Director is a transgender male who has maintained a progressive career for the past eleven years as an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army. My Brother Too believes that we can best serve our population through our own learned experiences, trials and triumphs.

While our primary focus is to enhance the quality of trans-masculine lives, we maintain a commitment to developing safe spaces for the entire transgender community. Through our educational panels we will begin to have the conversations about trans-masculine people by trans-masculine people.

Our first project is TRANSversations which is an educational brunch for the LGBTQI community where they will be able to ask those difficult questions of trans-masculine people, encouraging healthy conversations and providing clarity to the various misunderstandings.

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